About the Artist

Hello!  My name is Carissa, i’m a thirty something photographer, designer and coder living in Northeast Ohio.

“How can technology make a person better? Only in this way: by providing each person with chances. A chance to excel at the unique mixture of talents he or she was born with, a chance to encounter new ideas and new minds, a chance to be different from his or her parents, a chance to create something his or her own.”

Author Kevin Kelly from What Technology Wants
There is something special and unique everywhere, my endless curiosity always leads me in new interesting directions.
I have three furry hot dog children that have been trained to model professionally from birth as well as a tiny human bean, I live with them and my geeky musician husband.  We have a lot of fun reviewing live music together, being nerds and enjoying creativity.
I work as a marketing automation administrator, which means that I do a-z email marketing during the day, and moonlight with my various artistic interests.
Get to know me by reading my blog, or hang out with me on the web via social media.
Don’t be shy and shoot  me  an email if you’d like to chat!